[FISCAL NOTES] “Dark Store Theory” Legal Interpretation Could Cost States Millions

Dark Store Theory & Property Taxation

  Graphic showing a darkened storefront.

Texas communities depend on the property taxes generated by retail businesses, but a new legal interpretation, if accepted, could slash these revenues. “Dark store theory” seeks to change the basis by which stores, primarily “big box” retailers, are valued for tax purposes. The February issue of Fiscal Notes examines dark store theory and its implications for local government finances.

We also report on a new Comptroller study that estimates the economic contributions of Texas “ports of entry” — the seaports, airports, border crossings and multimodal facilities that connect our economy with the world. Texas ports of entry support nearly 1.6 million jobs in our state and add $224.3 billion to our gross state product.

Also new this month, you may notice some changes to Fiscal Notes’ design. We’ve brushed up our online layout, displaying a greater selection of stories on the publication’s webpage and devoting more space to Line Items, our online exclusive articles.


Source: Texas Comptroller

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