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At the Comptroller’s office, we want to put you in touch with news and features you want regarding the Texas economy and Texas government — and that’s why we ask you to please take our short and anonymous Fiscal Notes Quarterly 2017 Reader Survey.

On the survey, you can tell us which stories pique your interest and how you’d prefer to access and read Fiscal Notes content.

You Respond, We Listen

Participants in our last survey told us they want to see articles about the state’s economy, government spending, and business and industry. The most read article last quarter was the February 2017 article, “‘Dark Store Theory’ and Property Taxation,” followed by the December 2016/January 2017 article, “Certificates of Obligation.”

We also learned 60 percent of readers prefer Fiscal Notes’ online version, while 20 percent prefer print. We offer both formats, so we’re working to keep everyone happy. If you’d like to sign up for a print subscription, you can do so through the Quarterly 2017 Reader Survey.

New Features

Also, just in case you haven’t visited Fiscal Notes online in a while, we hope you drop by to read Line Items, our online exclusive articles. And if you’re looking to read some good news, be sure to check out Texas Toasts, a roundup of positive developments in the state’s economy.


Source: Texas Comptroller

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