Inks Lake refill begins this weekend

​The Lower Colorado River Authority will begin refilling Inks Lake over the weekend as a six-week drawdown draws to a close. 

LCRA lowered the lake about 8 feet in early January to allow lakeside property owners an opportunity to repair and maintain docks, retaining walls and other shoreline property.

The lake will rise about two feet a day beginning Saturday, Feb. 10, and the lake will be back in its normal operating range by Tuesday, Feb. 13. All equipment in the lakebed should be removed by the weekend to avoid being trapped by rising water.

To refill Inks Lake to its normal operating range, water will be moved downstream from Lake Buchanan. The water to refill Inks Lake is equivalent to about 3.5 inches in Lake Buchanan, but the impact on Lake Buchanan could be reduced by additional inflows to lakes Buchanan or Inks.

About LCRA
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Source: LCRA Business News

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