National training exercise helps LCRA, others prepare for cyberattack

LCRA recently participated in GridEx IV, a national training exercise that simulated a coordinated cyber and physical attack on the nation’s electric system.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) organizes the grid security exercise every two years. Participating communities and organizations test emergency plans and practice responding to a simulated emergency unfolding in real time.

“The drill allowed us to practice real-time collaboration across the business, test our incident response plans and make improvements so we are better prepared for an actual emergency,” said LCRA Director of Cybersecurity Dax Streater.

Preparing for potential threats to critical infrastructure is a priority for LCRA, which manages six dams that provide a major water supply for Texans, owns or operates about 5,200 miles of transmission lines that move power across the state, and generates wholesale power for the Texas electric market.

​​​​​Grid X
Representatives from the Texas Air National Guard joined LCRA to participate in GridEx IV on Nov. 15. Senior Master Sergeant Mark Martinez, standing, observes Director of Cybersecurity Dax Streater, left, and Risk and Business Continuity Program Manager Susana Thorne.

Source: LCRA Business News

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