Graphene sheets capture cells efficiently

00 Researchers have developed a new method for capturing cells on a treated graphene oxide surface, which could lead to very low-cost diagnostic systems for a variety of diseases. …

Evolution of bipedalism in ancient dinosaur ancestors

00 Paleontologists have developed a new theory to explain why the ancient ancestors of dinosaurs stopped moving about on all fours and rose up on just their two hind legs. …

Ear ossicles of modern humans and Neanderthals: Different shape, similar function

00 Scientists have scanned the skulls of Neanderthals and found the small middle ear ossicles, which are important for hearing, still preserved within the cavities of the ear. To their…

Antibiotic resistance can occur naturally in soil bacteria

00 Scientists have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in prairie soils that had little or no exposure to human or animal activity. Source: Science

Poverty and perceived hardship affect cognitive function and may contribute to premature aging, say investigators

00 A new study finds strong associations between sustained exposure to economic hardship and worse cognitive function in relatively young individuals. Source: Science

Old fashioned roller coasters can help patients pass kidney stones

00 A urologist has discovered that riding a roller coaster helps patients pass kidney stones with nearly a 70 percent success rate. Source: Science

Shape-shifters found in the Belt Supergroup: Revelations about Tappania plana

00 The rise of eukaryotic organisms (organisms with complex cells, or a single cell with a complex structure) is still a mystery, but researchers have compelling evidence that Tappania plana…

Acidity in atmosphere minimized to preindustrial levels

00 New research shows that human pollution of the atmosphere with acid is now almost back to the level that it was before the pollution started with industrialization in the…

Pluto’s ‘heart’ sheds light on possible buried ocean

00 Ever since NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto last year, evidence has been mounting that the dwarf planet may have a liquid ocean beneath its icy shell. Now,…

Colorful demise of a sun-like star

00 Our sun will eventually burn out and shroud itself with stellar debris, but not for another 5 billion years. Source: Science