Video: Texas' voter ID law again takes a hit in the courts (video)


In the Texas Political Roundup: The state’s voter ID law takes another hit in the courts. Plus, Texas parents who don’t vaccinate their kids fear public shaming should a bill working its way through the Legislature become law. And the Senate passes a measure that would permit county clerks with religious objections to same-sex marriages the right to recuse themselves.

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  • A federal judge has ruled — for the second time — that Texas lawmakers intentionally discriminated against Latino and black voters in passing a strict voter identification law in 2011. 
  • Under a Senate-backed proposal, county clerks with religious objections to same-sex marriages can recuse themselves from signing marriage licenses. 
  • Under House Bill 2249, the state would require reports on the number of vaccine exemptions at each public school. But parents say it could make it easier for people to publicly shame them for not vaccinating their children.

Source: Texas Tribune Blue Left News

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