Camouflaged by Morality.

Who can influence the world now? Our world is in desperate need of someone to save it. Globalism was not a good idea because it benefited the corporations who are heartless.  It masked greed in the cloak of globalism. It was not bringing people together, but exploiting the downtrodden. Where ever the labor was cheap the corporations went, to further their profits. This mindset has now become concrete and all American business is being run, not for the benefit of humanity or product but the elite shareholders and management.  The brainwashing of our minds is we believe this benefits us all when the corporation have big profits.

Everywhere you turn in this world there is a movement afoot for nationalism. This isn’t against globalism, but against a border-less economic world where corporations get to pit one society against another.  The decades of this policy has led to frustration and anger of the masses, and now they are rebelling.  The brown in me understands this, but would like to direct this anger away from globalism and towards establishment. We all need to be human, but we must all fight the governments and corporations and the 1% who have put us in this position.  Americans should not be angry at Mexico or the world, but at American government and corporations.  Apple and Amazon should be shaking in their boots, but they aren’t. Their management should be the posters for evil. Lets not build a wall to Mexico, lets go after corporations who are hiding their profits and exploiting the workers.  Their leaders are the drivers and now they are trying to position themselves to where they can still reap the profits regardless of the outcome.  Thus we must understand our fight against each other is being orchestrated and fueled to divert attention from our real enemy. It’s not the democrat, republican, left, right or even Trump.  It’s the banks and the corporations.  It’s corporation which benefits from military complex. It’s corporation which needs us to friend evil regimes to keep their oil flowing, or support abusers to humanity to keep their bankers happy.  From Israel to Saudi Arabia the motivation is economic.  If the Palestinians were sitting on oil or lithium the Jewish people would be in camps again.  

As long as the media companies keep us angry and we fall for it, we will never see the light.  The hardest thing in this age in human history is to see the truth. The truth is camouflaged by both sides under the label of morality.

Source: ItsTheBrownInMe

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