Seven Synonyms for Outrage.

I have been in situations where my anger at injustices required airing. Many times I have been told; whats the point? Do you really think your berating the person on the phone or the clerk at the store is going to make a difference? In reality it may not. The brown in me chewing out the “genius” at the Apple store and making him cry didn’t change Apple, but it made me feel good. However I was in the right, and Apple like most abusers rely on the silence of the victims. This is why women must confront abusers every chance they get. Wrongs must be pointed out, because silence is another form of condoning it.


I stopped using Apple products the last time they wronged me, as is their pattern. It hasn’t effected them, nor me.  Accepting their wrongs would have been the wrong example for my children.  This isn’t about Apple, but about how the world is becoming like Apple and Microsoft customers. We have become accustomed to accepting bad service, bad products, and unacceptable standards.  Now neither one of these companies cater to the customers. Both companies are shareholder based.  We are expected to tolerate issues with our products and not require a refund or fixes.


This unfortunately is now happening in our world on a much higher and dangerous level. When the world stops objecting, protesting and punishing bad behavior it sends a message of impunity. Worse still is the perpetrators become beholden to do more.  Russia has attacked people twice in England and not faced a global outrage.  Saudi Arabia has been spending this year committing crimes against humanity without a single objection from Double O or the global community.  The Evil Prince figured he would do symbolic things like allow women ( only about 10 can benefit from this ) right to drive then bomb hospitals and school buses with impunity. And now they have killed an objector in Turkey. An audacious act which can only occur if the perpetrators believed they could do so without objection.  It seems to be working, as besides some news coverage there is no outrage and condemnation with consequences from the global community.  The brown in me stated here months ago, this Saudi Arabian regime is worse than any before.  A woman rights activist has been given a death sentence for protesting in Saudi Arabia. Yet the #metoo  women have not risen up against this regime.  The silence is appeasement, and history has shown us appeasement leads to hell.

If we do not register our indignation then we have no right to expect a change in behavior. We should show our fury, react to the affront to our values, be incensed at the brutality, disgusted at the offenders, appalled at the audacity, horrified  at the attempts, and vexed at the future consequences.

Source: ItsTheBrownInMe

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