5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Michigan

5 Best Practices for Bartenders in Michigan

Bartending is one of the most challenging and fast-paced job in the food industry. It’s an incredibly fun one, too, especially if you have a knack for being around people and has that warm presence that customers love from the person that’s serving them a late night drink or two. Though, two’s hardly that magic number we’re looking for in Michigan, I’m sure. Nevertheless, they say you either have the personality for bartending or you don’t. While that’s still up for debate, here’s FIVE key practices that you can surely count as you strive to be the best bartender in Michigan!

The job itself demands consistency, whether in the way you serve drinks or the way you handle and…
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Knowing the rules


Each state has their own set of rules when it comes to selling or serving alcohol to customers. For Michigan, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) requires mandatory server training for alcohol seller licensees in the state. After all, being up there late with multiple customers, having different backgrounds, and all sorts of reasons to drink demands a calm, well-equipped, and patient staff behind the counter. If you’re serious about a lasting career as a bartender in Michigan, learning the ins and outs of the trade, especially in your area will be the best investment you can make very early on. With hassle-free online training available at Learn2serve, there’s simply no excuse for you not to get your bartending career started the right way.


Having a friendly tone


You have to love to talk, and you have to be aware how you’re doing it at all times. Every time you interact with a customer, you’re expected to remain calm, polite, amiable, and collected, even if you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted, or dealing with personal problems.  Maintaining a friendly tone at all hours is difficult and can often lead to emotional conflict and burnout, which is why bartending is one of those jobs that you can’t just come in unprepared. It’s best to set your expectations onset, bartenders can’t have an off night when in front of the counter.


Finding consistency and balance


A lot of what you’ll be doing at the first hour of your shift are basically the same things you’ll do for the rest of it. The job itself demands consistency, whether in the way you serve drinks or the way you handle and talk to your customers. The sooner you’ll realize that, the higher the chance that you’ll eventually get acclimated to the job.


Reading people


It’s one of those skills that is rare, but is so common among bartenders. It’s extremely difficult to last on this job without having the ability to gauge a customer through his behavior, facial expressions, drinking habit, and more. It’s also one of the most important topics in Learn2serve’s Michigan Alcohol Seller and Server Certification, and probably one of those skills you’d love to have in your pocket in and out of the workplace.


Welcoming and thanking your customers


Chances are, customers will connect with you and remember you for the simple things you’ll do by the time they come in and leave the bar. Never miss out on making a warm impression and always be a respectful server to those customers who are on their way out. Your attitude will help you get to places as you strive to become the best bartender in town.


Take your time in learning the essential aspects of trade, sign up for our Michigan Alcohol Seller and Server Certification today and see how you can become a better bartender in your state!

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