Best Bars and Nightclubs in California

Best Bars and Nightclubs in California

The nightlife in California is one of the most active and sought after in the entire country. Los Angeles alone, offers countless entertainment options, even after sundown. Whether it’s a quiet drink with someone special or partying the night away with peers, California has you covered day-in and night-out.


California’s also known as a terrific place to start a career in bartending, owing to the state’s vivid nightlife, as well as the hundreds and thousands of bars that are located across the state. However, some of those bars, even by a small margin, tend to be more captivating than others. Here’s a look at the top bars and nightclubs in California.

Whether it’s a quiet drink with someone special or partying the night away with peers,…
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One of L.A.’s hottest and most stunning new dining destinations, 71Above is the highest restaurant of its kind in west of Mississippi, located in the iconic US Bank Tower. 71Above boasts a marvelous panoramic look at the coast of Malibu to Laguna Hills, along with the Los Angeles basin and its surrounding mountain ranges.


Shady Lady Saloon


If you’re looking for vintage vibe, then the Shady Lady Saloon won’t disappoint. Also known as the largest seller of draft Olympia beer in the entire country, Shady Lady is one of Sacramento’s best offering at night. The place offers the best of both worlds, with its classic beer and best-selling Old Fashioned cocktail. There’s live music, too, which perfectly complements its American/Southern classics menu.




One of Monterey’s finest, 1833 is a historical landmark turned high-end booze and food retreat with seven vintage rooms, including a leather sofa-clad library lounge, and a specialty dining nook dubbed The Governor’s Room. 1833 offers absinthe unlike anyone else in California, with 15 green fairy options that can be served classically or Russian “pyro” style, which is quite the experience. In the restaurant’s own words, 1833 is “not just a place to dine, but a place to experience.”


Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel


Hotel Mondrian’s beautiful Skybar presents jet-setters and affluent internationals with an enticing playground both day and night. Skybar provides an idyllic oasis to take in the sun and enjoy fresh cocktails. The poolside bar doubles as a stirring place to spend the night away with its great music and Hollywood-esque vibe.


Moonshadows Blue Lounge


Malibu’s famous Moonshadows restaurant is located along the side of a cliff and features wide views of the ocean from its airy sun deck and relaxing indoor dining room, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. The menu serves up an array of gourmet American cuisine with Italian and Asian infusions and a special focus on seafood.


Bartending, in itself, is already an enjoyable career for some, but what if you can also work for some of the best bars in California? As good as that sounds, the chance to be part of an elite bartending and service crew won’t just present itself out of the blue. It’s important to put in the hard work and invest early in your California Responsible Beverage Service Training to earn credibility in the industry and establish your career path right from the get-go.

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