State Representative Sid Miller is a recognized as one of the state’s most dynamic and effective conservative leaders.

About Sid

Sid Miller

State Representative Sid Miller is a recognized as one of the state’s most dynamic and effective conservative leaders.

A True Rural Texan

Sid Miller earns his living from the land raising crops, cattle, horses, and trees.

He is a former vocational agriculture teacher, and a world champion cowboy who just won his 9th world title. Sid served as the Chairman of the Texas House Agriculture and Livestock Committee which oversees the Texas Department of Agriculture. Because of his extensive knowledge and work in agriculture, Miller was chosen to work directly with the Texas Agriculture Commissioner as a member of the Agriculture Policy Board. He is a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and a former Farm Bureau Director. He will hit the ground running as our next Texas Agriculture Commissioner with no need for on-the-job training. Eight-time World Champion Cowboy Joe Beaver and 14-time World Champion Horseman David Riddle serve as Co-Chairs of Sid’s Campaign.

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Trusted Defender of the 2nd Amendment

Sid Miller has a proven record of defending our right to keep and bear arms. That is why he has been endorsed by Americans for Gun Rights.

He is also A+ rated by both the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association and has earned their endorsement in every race he’s run. As the Chairman of the “gun committee” in the Texas House of Representatives—the Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety—Sid helped lead the fight to protect the rights of gun owners. He is endorsed by NRA National Board Member and 2nd Amendment Defender Ted Nugent, who also serves as Miller’s Campaign Treasurer and State Co-Chair.

Proven Pro-Life Leader

Sid led the fight to protect the sanctity of human life in every session he served in the Texas Legislature.

He was the author of the historic Sonogram bill, which, since being signed into law, has saved the lives of more than 8,000 unborn babies. As State Legislator, he stripped $21 million dollars from Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. In his race for Agriculture Commissioner, he has earned the endorsement of TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE which named Miller PRO-LIFE LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR for his ardent defense of all human life.

Conservative Leader in the Legislature

After defeating a liberal Democrat incumbent, Sid Miller was consistently ranked as one of the most conservative lawmakers in Texas based upon his voting record during his six terms in the Texas House.

He was chosen by his colleagues to serve as Chairman of the House Republican Caucus and was named by the independent Rice University Study as “one of tope three most conservative members of the Texas House.” Sid has been endorsed for Agriculture Commissioner by CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS OF TEXAS and the YOUNG CONSERVATIVES OF TEXAS.

Fiscal Conservative and Taxpayer Champion

Sid was named a TAXPAYER CHAMPION by TEXANS FOR FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY for his efforts to defend taxpayers, lower taxes, and decrease the size and scope of state government.

In fact, he never received less than an “A” rating in six legislative terms from this taxpayer watchdog group. He was named a CHAMPION FOR FREE ENTERPRISE by the TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS and was consistently “A RATED” by CITIZENS FOR A SOUND ECONOMY. He signed the AMERICANS FOR TAX REFORM TAXPAYERS PROTECTION PLEDGE in 2000 and has not once broken that pledge.

Conservative Constitutionalist

As our next Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller will fight back against the intrusion and overreach of out-of-control federal agencies like the EPA, just as he has done throughout his public service career.

Sid Miller understands that the best government is the government closest to home and he has fought to protect Texas’ sovereignty from the Obama Administration and federal bureaucrats. He is a staunch defender of the 10th Amendment. That is why he has been endorsed for Agriculture Commissioner by conservative leaders like DAVID BARTON of WALL BUILDERS, TIM LAMBERT, former National Republican Committeeman and leader of the TEXAS HOME SCHOOL COALITION, CATHY ADAMS, former Republican Party of Texas Chair and the head of the TEXAS EAGLE FORUM, WARREN CHISUM, founder of the TEXAS CONSERVATIVE COALITION, BOB PRICE of GOP VOTE, and DR. STEVE HOTZE of CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS OF HARRIS COUNTY.

Tea Party Approved

When in the Texas House, Sid Miller helped found the Legislative Tea Party Caucus.

When in the Texas House, Sid Miller helped found the Legislative Tea Party Caucus. It is often even said that Sid was Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool. That is why Tea Party leaders across Texas are joining with Sid Miller and working hard to ensure that he is our next Agriculture Commissioner. They know that SID IS TEA PARTY TESTED AND APPROVED. The HOOD COUNTY TEA PARTY, TOBIE MARIE WALKER of the WACO TEA PARY, JULIE MCCARTY of the NORTHEAST TARRANT COUNTY TEA PARTY, and JOHN SPRINGER of the ERATH COUNTY 9-12 GROUP are just some of the Tea Party leaders and groups working to make ensure the quality and steadfastness of Texas’ next Agriculture Commissioner.

Statesman and Elder

In October 2004 Sid and Debra Miller along with Wayne and Deb Shaw of Dublin, Texas and Pastor Charles Higgs founded the Cowboy Church of Erath County with the mission to reach out to cowboys, cowgirls and others in the western heritage culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Cowboy Church of Erath County has an interesting story of originally meeting in the Stephenville Sale Barn and then the local Hispanic Baptist Church. Once outgrowing these facilities the church moved its location again to a Stephenville based restaurant until it finally opened its permanent doors at the current location on Highway 67 right outside of the Stephenville city limits. The Cowboy Church of Erath County has over 800 members with nearly 2,000 attendees on Easter Sunday. The church offers two Sunday Services, a college night every Monday, numerous Bible Studies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights. The facility also is home to several rodeo arenas, calf chutes, and break away pens. Upon arrival to a Sunday Service at the Cowboy Church of Erath County one would be greeted by a Welcoming Posse on horseback!

Sid Miller has been an Elder at the Cowboy Church of Erath County since its inception along with serving on the Personnel Team with his wife, Debra, of 36 years. Debra also teaches in the K-6th grade youth Sunday school program. Sid’s youngest son Joseph, his wife Kelly, and Sid’s granddaughter Mabry Miller also attend the Cowboy Church. More information about the Cowboy Church of Erath County can be found at

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