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T-SPAN strives to be Inclusive of all sides of the story.   Help and watch us grow!

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T-SPAN.TV curates news twice a day into a digestible format.    The world has gotten too small for people to rely on their own cultural differences to form opinions.   Our President Donald Trump certainly has seen how many opinions there are in the world these days.

We want to be a different source of information.  The Texas State Public Affairs Network invites you to take another look at us – Subscribe to our news service.  Help us grow!   Let us know what you like!

Every citizen and non-citizen  should be working toward coming together for the common good of society.

Right now it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and seeing other points of view.

Consume information you want, but keep the opportunity available to see another opinion or perspective- even if it is not what you believe.  We are all products of our environment.

If it makes you angry to see the other points of view:  Get out there and do something about it.   Comment on Facebook, Make a Petition, Run for Office.

Texas State Public Affairs Network

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