Unanswered Questions from Weekly Digest comments. T-SPAN.TV

Unanswered Questions we Collected from Comments on the Weekly Digest. T-SPAN.TV

1.    Should the media define a moral equivalency?  Who made the Media Moral Watchdogs?

2.    What has happened to free speech and acceptance of Free Moral and Religious Beliefs?

3.    What happened to Non-Emotional Fact based Information?

4.    The BIG media has taken sides in many cases on many issues.   Can you name them?

5.    Did the Media have the same fervor about the topics? Compare Charlottesville to  Black lives matter?

6.    Is the President of the United States the Top Moral Leader for everyone in this country?

7.    Was the president just saying the commonality between sects of protesters is that they were are all collectively Americans?

T-SPAN Commentary Below:

“Free speech and free morality comes with the highest cost, life.”

We must understand that when people commit this sort of violence, they are too passionate for the cause they fight for; they cross the line …

Once those lines are crossed, it can no longer be dealt with by a moral equivalent.

People who incite violence of this type become subject to societies laws where it’s not necessarily set up to be fair.

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